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5 Ways To Re Use Old Window Frames

At first look an item such as an old window frame may just look like junk or something that belongs in the trash. But with a closer second look, items like this can be reused and made into beautiful, unique pieces.  Window frames are a great example of an item that can be taken from trash to treasure. Not only do they look great in almost any room or decor scheme, the project options are virtually endless. You can use window frames as a display piece,  an organizer or you can leave them just as they are to show off their true rustic beauty. They also make the perfect piece to sit proudly on top of your Valor Fireplace mantle, as shown below. Check out the list below for 5 ways to re-use old window frames:

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  1. Display Pieces: If you are wanting the perfect display piece for your mantle or wall, consider using window frames. Start with one frame and experiment with what looks best. You can enhance the rustic feel by layering several frames, similar to the mantle above. Refinishing and painting the frames will give them a glossy, modern look, but they can also be left as they are to bring in a rustic element to the room.
  2. Family Organization: Who knew something as simple as a window frame, could keep your family organized for the week ahead. All you need is a window frame and a piece of wood to fit in behind the frame. Paint your wood with chalkboard paint or use cork and attach the board to your frame. This will create the perfect message center for the whole family to use. Whether you use it for to do lists, meal planning or sweet messages it’s the perfect place to keep everyone’s thoughts and ideas for the week.
  3. Art Work: You can create instant art work with a window frame and your favorite printed material. Use the window frame to frame the material of your choice and staple a backing on top to keep the layers in place. You can use anything from your favorite cloth material to a bold printed wallpaper.  Whatever you choose, your true personality will shine thought with this simple DIY project.
  4. Family Memories: Window frames make the perfect base for showcasing family photos on your fireplace mantle or on the wall. Start by measuring each individual frame so you can size your photos accordingly. Print your photos slightly bigger then each pane so there is no open space between the two. Use a light backing to keep your photos in place and display your family memories proudly.
  5. Mirrors: Last but certain not least, you can turn your vintage window frame into a mirror to give the room more of an expansive look.  Simply, place mirrored panels of similar sizes in behind the frame and adhere them to the wood. Once dry, hang your framed mirror anywhere in your home to make any room appear larger.


 Have you ever incorporated a window frame or another rustic element into your home decor? Share it with us below!



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