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How To Bring The Outside In

When it’s time to redecorate or refresh a room, usually furniture is the first item to be changed. This is because other than your fireplace your furniture tends to be a center focal point within your living space. But it’s important not to forget all the little decor items that can really bring a room together. Whether it be your collection of vintage paperbacks or your favorite vase, the little touches tend to show off your true personality the most. This same thought can be applied when bringing in natural items or indoor plants to your space.  Not only will items from the outdoors bring in the pop of colour the room might be missing, it will also make nature feel a little closer if your room lacks windows or natural light.

jarka-2014dFor example, something as simple as a bright colored orchid takes what could be a simple, modern room and turns it into a bright and cheery space. This L1 2-Sided Series fireplace is especially perfect when it comes to bringing the outdoors in as within the flames it showcases Valor’s long beach driftwood.


If you prefer more of a green look, bringing in bright green accent plants and pieces can really make all the difference. Even with bold furniture and a unique layout, the natural items still stand out as focal points in the room. When grouping on the mantle, try to keep to 3 items or less as it will give you a clean look. Also, consider adding smaller items like the bamboo plant above to carry that natural feel through the whole room.

With a few simple steps and items you can really change the feel of your living space and bring those beautiful, bright colours into your home.

If you are interested in finding out more about Valor’s long beach driftwood kit or any of the fireplaces shown above, visit us here.

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