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How To Make Your Television Compliment Your Fireplace

An ongoing trend in the home design world is to place your television near or above your fireplace. This usually works best as you create a focal point for the room and provide an optimal area for relaxing for the whole family. However, it’s not always easy trying to figure out where the television should go if the fireplace is already a part of the room. It can be a frustrating process trying to compliment both the television and the fireplace, but it can be done!

So, this is where inspiration and ideas come in handy. With a quick look at other living rooms, dens and seating areas you might just find the look that works best for your home. While one person’s television might look good over the fireplace, another might look better off to the side. The pictures below show different ways and styles the television and fireplace can compliment each other.


  • The photo above shows a rather popular placement, seen in many modern homes.  Placing the TV above the fireplace creates a center in your living room, giving you options for seating in the surrounding area. Also placing the television above the fireplace is always great when it comes to saving space, as your TV won’t take up any additional room that could be used for storage or a small desk or office area as its shown above.


  • For different shaped rooms or corner fireplaces, television placement can be a bit of a struggle. Most times, with a corner fireplace you’ll find you don’t have the space to place the television above the fireplace, so it leaves you looking for a different option.  A great alternative as shown is to create a media center just to the right of the fireplace. This way, you can still have the cozy atmosphere  but you have the appropriate room for the television and your seating. This also allows the fireplace to really stand out in the room, without being blocked by other furniture or items.


  • Last but certainly not least, a unique twist on storage and television placement with your fireplace. Creating built-in cupboards and shelving to the right or left of your fireplace not only gives you endless storage space, it also gives you the perfect place to store your television. This is a great option when you want your fireplace to become the main focal point in the room. The television takes more of a back seat and doesn’t stand out as much giving the room more of a modern feel.

Whatever style you decide on, make sure it works best for you and living space.  Share photos with us below of your living room design and tell us why it works for you! 





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