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Lighting Tips For The Home


One of the most important features of any room is the lighting. The lights can make or break the look and feel of the room and instantly set the tone for any area of the home. When renovating or updating lights should be taken into careful consideration and be customized for each room. For example, in a bedroom, you may want soft, relaxing light while your living space or kitchen might prefer a brighter option to open up the room. Because lighting can be so important in the home, it’s crucial to keep some points in mind when decorating and designing your space.

Use Variety

When you are bringing lights into your space, it’s important to use a variety of lighting options to give each room in the home the perfect tone.  Try and use different styles of lights such as overhead lights, small table lamps and even accent lights to create different layers of light throughout the whole room.  This will brighten even the darkest corners of the home and will allow you to create the exact lighting look you love.

Consider Dimmers

Dimmer switches add an instant designer feature to any room, and they work great for saving energy around the house. These versatile switches are perfect for any space from the bathroom to the living room because of endless light options and levels they provide. While you are finding the perfect light level for your room, don’t forget every Valor Fireplace comes with a programmable remote that allows you to customize your flame to exactly where you want it . Consider installing dimmers in every room of the house to add that extra layer of customization.

Natural Light

Natural light is so important in any room as it provides the beauty of outside on the inside. So, whenever possible try to accent your natural light, especially in those rooms where you want a bright and fresh lighting scheme.  This means using light curtains or blinds to let the light shine in and making sure not to block the sources of natural light whenever every possible. This will add extra warmth to any room and will help it appear more open.  To help natural light carry even further in your home try to use mirrors to reflect the light in different areas of the home.


No matter how you choose to light your room, keeping these tips in mind will help you achieve the perfect lighting scheme for your home. Also, no matter if the light is high or low you will see the flickering flames of your Valor Fireplace, as they stand out beautifully in any light. For more information on Valor flames or units, please visit us here.

 Do you have any lighting or design tips? Share them with us below!

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