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Pinterest & Valor Fireplaces

Are you an active Pinterest user? It seems most of everyone has hopped on the Pinterest train, from celebrities to sports stars you can find almost anyone pinning away.  Pinterest is what we like to call a personal online bulletin board.  You can take your favorite sayings, images, recipes and pin it to different boards, the options are pretty much endless. These boards are organized exactly how you want them with almost complete customization. Pinterest is perfect for when you are searching for inspiration, planning out a big purchase or even for getting know businesses like us! Valor Fireplaces has there very own piece of the Pinterest pie and you might just be surprised what you’ll find.

Not only can you find almost all of the product information and photos you see on our website, you can also see our variety of popular pin boards! Our boards range from travel,  DIY and even food perfect for the fireside.

This shot of our Valor Legend G3 has been making waves over on our Pinterest page. Becoming one of the most popular pins on our page, it shows off the modern look of our  G3 unit!


When you’re in search of the perfect dessert or snack for the fireside, you might just find it on our board: Fireside Food. This pin features decadent S’more Cupcakes with a marble cake base. Pic/Recipe Credit: http://goo.gl/exB4oh



We also feature our favorite architectural photos and home design. This luxurious bathroom features wood accents and a dark grey colour scheme that brings out the modern fixtures. Pic Credit: http://goo.gl/qE6LL8

If you haven’t joined in on the fun yet, it’s time! Come on over and visit us at our Pinterest page and see more pins like this. Also, Pinterest is a great way to keep up with new and exciting products from Valor Fireplaces.


Are you a frequent Pinterest user? Share your favorite, must follow boards with us below!

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