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The Advantages Of Buying A Valor Fireplace

When you are looking into buying a new fireplace, what features do you look for? Maybe it’s the design and style of the unit or maybe your search focuses on how energy efficient the unit is.  Whatever is on your must have list, it needs to be the perfect fireplace for your home and the whole family. This is where Valor Fireplaces really shine, as each unit is equipped with the highest of standards and features.

Zone Heating

In fact, one of the best features of a Valor is the custom heating options that come equipped within every unit. For starters, Valor Fireplaces provide zone heating, which means you’ll get the heat you want in the space you want.  Zone heating targets a specific area of the house and spreads heat within that space.  This can be more effective then trying to heat the whole house at once and it will cut down on your home heating bill by 30%!

Click here to watch a quick video to get more information on Valor’s zone heating.


Comfort Control System

Another great feature that Valor offers is a programmable remote. The remote will allow you to adjust the flame up or down to get exact heat you desire.  This option will let you maintain the temperature in the house, insuring comfort for the whole household.  This is a great feature as the seasons and outside temperatures change, you can customize your heat to fit your home perfectly.

Radiant & Efficient Heat

Last but certainly not least, Valor Fireplaces provide radiant heating. Radiant heat can be compared to the heat of the sun, distributing warmth as efficiently and as fast as possible. Because of this, your Valor Fireplace will always keep you comfortable and warm even when outside temperatures start to drop.  This feature will also help cut costs when it comes to heating as traditional forced air systems use up to 25% more energy!

Overall, Valor puts your household first  making sure everyone in the home is warm and comfortable with these future forward heating features. To learn about Valor’s additional features, visit here.

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