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5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

As the winter season starts creeping in, you may notice your home feeling colder by the minute. With the dropping temperatures, it can be hard to keep the home feeling warm and cozy on the inside when the outside is so dreary! There are, however, a few easy ways to keep your home warm over the winter and it won’t take too much extra effort.

Check out the list below for 5 ways to keep your home warm this winter and learn how you can stay extra warm with Valor’s radiant heat feature!


  1. Curtains: Whether you switch your curtains a few times a year or you have a favorite pair that you hang year round, make sure to use the a thicker variety in the winter. Hanging thick and heavy curtains will insulate the windows from the inside keeping at least 40% more warmth inside and keeping the cold out.  If you are not looking to replace your curtains completely, you can add an insulted curtain liner behind your existing setup to get similar results.
  2. Sunshine: It might just seem like a great way to brighten the home, but letting sunlight in during the day can make all the difference when heating the home.  By letting natural sunlight warm up your home during the day,  the house will have that extra layer of warmth when night fall hits.  Make sure to keep the windows and doors closed while the curtains are open and letting the sun in.
  3. Windows & Doors: One place that cold air will sneak in is through the small spaces near our windows and doors. It is very important that you do a yearly winter check to make sure all openings are tightly secured and not letting out any warm air out or cold air in. Any cracks or small open areas can be covered by filler products found at your local hardware store. This will help immensely in keeping the house that much warmer.
  4. Close Doors: When you’re at home trying to keep the warmth in , consider closing doors to any rooms you’re not using. This will help keep your heat contained in the  room that you are in and it will lower your heating bill by not heating a room that doesn’t need direct heat.
  5. Fireplace: Last but certainly not least, to keep your home warm this winter, turn on your Valor Fireplace.  All Valor Fireplaces use radiant heat which not only will make you feel warm and comfortable similar to the heat of the sun, your fireplace will also use 25% less energy than a forced air system would. Between these great features and the useful programmable remote, you won’t have to worry about being cold this winter. For more information on radiant heat visit here.

Do you have any tips regarding keeping your house warm in the winter months? Share them with us below!

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