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How To Make A Latte At Home–Without An Espresso Machine



It can be so easy to get into the habit of visiting your local coffee shop for your morning latte or cappuccino. While it may be easier to stop in and pick something up quick, what if you could make the same great drink right in the comfort of your own home? Not only will you have the same tasty drink, you’ll also have a few extra minutes to curl up in front of your Valor Fireplace and  start your day off right. You won’t need an espresso machine or any other fancy appliances to make the perfect homemade latte.  Not only will you get the same delicious results, you’ll also be saving a few extra dollars everyday!

How To Make A Latte At Home–Without An Espresso Machine

  1. Start by brewing a strong pot of your regular, favorite coffee. Make it a double batch for a stronger brew.
  2. While your coffee has started brewing, start warming your milk! In a small sauce pan over low-medium heat, warm 1 ½- 2 Cups of milk (Whatever type you prefer).
  3. As the milk is heating, stir with a whisk often to give it a light and foamy texture. To make your latte extra foamy, finish warming the milk and use a blender or food processor to whip the milk to your desired foaminess.
  4. Once all your ingredients are ready, it’s time to start building your latte. Start with your favorite mug and pour in the coffee first leaving enough room for milk and foam. Then add the milk to your coffee using a spoon to hold back the foam.
  5. Once your milk and coffee have combined, finish your latte by adding a thick layer of foam on top. Top your latte with your favorite topping or items such as cinnamon, nutmeg or caramel sauce!

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