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No Power, No Problem: Keeping Warm With A Valor

fsGp2YCIf you are already a Valor Fireplace owner, you might have heard of the phrase “No Power, No Problem” before! One of the key features included with each Valor unit is the ability to run and heat your fireplace even when the power goes out. Over the last few years in North America, storms have appeared in all shapes and sizes taking out the electricity and heat down as it goes. In fact just last year, part of eastern Canada and the USA were hit by intensely cold winds and strong weather conditions that knocked out power for long stretches of times for homeowners and businesses.

Owning a Valor gas Fireplace ensures that you will never have to worry about losing the warm, flickering flame of your fireplace. This is because all Valor units can heat without the use of an electrical outlet.
The heat and air in the unit circulates through natural convection, which means your home and family will stay warm even when you’re in the middle of the worst storm. This feature can be a real life saver whether your stuck in the middle of the a storm or the heaviest snowfall.

The option of using your fireplace without electricity just one of the amazing features that comes packed in your Valor Fireplace. Suddenly, instead of your fireplace being just another part of your home, it becomes somewhere safe and warm to go when the outside weather is at its worst. For more information on No Power, No Problem, visit Valor Fireplaces for more information. Also, for tips on preparing for your next power outage, visit out past blog post 3 Ways To Prep Before The Power Goes Out

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