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Valor Fireplaces have a strong commitment to the safety and comfort of your whole family. So, when you purchase a Valor Fireplace, you can rest assured that your safety will be the number one priority. Valor ensures that every unit meets the highest safety standards and that each fireplace sold will be a perfect fit for your home and family life.  One way that Valor puts your safety first, is by offering protective screen barriers with every fireplace unit sold after January 2013. These screens are necessary as the fireplace glass window can heat up and stay hot for a period of time even after begin turned off. This way if you have little ones learning to move or even small pets roaming around the house, your living room is a safe place!

Valor also provides aftermarket barrier screens for units before January 2013, see your local Valor dealer for more details on ordering.


The Versagate barrier gates (as seen above)  are extremely durable and can be customized for almost any space large, small or narrow.  Whether your warming up around the fireplace or spending time with the family, you will have the assurance that your living space is a great place for everyone, no matter the age. If you are considering buying a Valor Fireplace you can feel good knowing the safety needs of  you and your family will be put first.

For more information regarding Valor’s commitment to safety or any other information regarding fireplace safety, please visit here.

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