Valor Fireplace Design Center

One of the more exciting and interactive features on the Valor website is the Fireplace Design Center, a web application that lets users create and build their very own Valor fireplace. Introducing a few years ago, the Design Center has seen several upgrades with the most recent incorporating the “flat design” look we see today. Below we will go over how to create your very own Valor H5 Series, and once that’s done you can design your very own:

Choose an Application

The first step is to choose which type of application you want for your home. If you want to start with a new construction or renovation project, zero clearance fireplaces are the best option. The H5 Series that we are building is a zero clearance application (as shown in the examples below). For installations into existing fireplace cavities we would use an insert fireplace, and for fireplaces resembling wood burning stoves we would use a freestanding application.

Choose Your Application

Choose Your Series

The next step is to choose your Valor Series. We will be using the H5 Series as we build in this example. Each series comes with a description of the product to help you choose which is best for your home.


Build your Valor fireplace

  • Once the Series has been chosen a new screen appears that gives the user an option to pick a background for their unit. Choose a plain, textured background or user uploaded background and click “Next” at the top to advance.
  • From here we pick the fireplace components. When choosing your firebed, surround and other options the components will be listed on the left of the screen in the overview box.
  • Once you have chosen your components the final screen will be presented. The overview page shows off your finished fireplace, lists all components on the left and then supplies you with a number of options to share.
  • Share your fireplace on social media, through email or print your selection. All done!


There we have it! A finished H5 Series fireplace. To create your very own Valor click:


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