4 Must Have Apps For Your Home


It seems everywhere you go, someone has a smart phone or device that is bursting with exciting applications or new programs. While sometimes technology can seem to get in the way, it can lend a big hand to you when you’re in the midst of designing your home or making changes.  Whether you’re trying to pick a new color for your newly decorated bedroom or trying to figure out where the couch fits best in your living room, your smart device can help you make some of the more difficult decisions. We have gathered 4  must have apps for your home whether it be for design, organization or inspiration, you’ll find it all below!


Color Capture: If you are struggling to decide on a new color for the inside or outside of your home, color capture is for you!  You can capture your favorite color with your phone or tablet camera and import it right into the application. The app will then find you the closest paint color to your inspiration and tell you where you can find it in store. Not only will this make the decision process a little easier, you’ll get to take color inspiration from your favorite things.


Houzz: Last week on the blog, we covered the basics and features of the home design website Houzz. This week we are talking about a little more travel friendly version of your favorite home website. Houzz has a great, interactive application that lets you take your inspiration on the go.  The Houzz application has everything the desktop site has and also allows you to store your ideabook for easy access.


Handy Man DIY: If you are looking for the perfect home project companion, look no further! Handy Man DIY is an application that will let you start your home project on the right foot and help you keep all the details in one place. It will allow you to record all your measurements, supplies needed, tasks, room details and much more directly in the application. You can take all your project information with you as it’s directly attached to your phone, which will make sure there is no more guessing on what you might need at the store.


DIY Tip Genius: For any homeowners who are feeling a little nervous about taking on home and renovation project, this application is perfect for you. DIY Tip Genius is an application that is loaded with tips, instructional videos and pro secrets that can make any project that much easier. As an added bonus, this helpful home application will also supply you with articles and tricks for cleaning and home care.


Do you have a favorite, must have application for your home? Share them with us below!

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