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How To Decorate With Chalkboards

Home and decor inspirations change on a regular basis, as there is always a new idea or style waiting around the corner.  But one decor trend that has stuck over the last few years, is using chalkboards or chalkboard paint in and around the home. That’s right, chalkboards aren’t just for the classroom anymore. With a little bit of creativity, chalkboards can bring in a modern, rustic look without much work. Chalkboards can be so versatile, you can use them on your table, as striking wall decor or as a statement piece on the mantel of your Valor Fireplace.  Wherever you decide to display your chalkboard, make sure to get the whole family involved when your ready to create a chalk design. You can play with colored chalk for more vibrant designs or keep it simple and clean by just using white chalk and a little bit of blending. Below we have gathered some great inspiration for your next chalkboard project, click each link for more information:



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