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The internet is full of places to find inspiration when you are remodelling your home, redesigning or even if you are just looking for a few simple ideas. Sometimes, all the information can be overwhelming and it can be really hard to narrow down what you’re looking for and what fits your taste the best. So where do you start? One popular website for inspiration and ideas is Pinterest.  Pinterest acts an online bulletin board where you pin your best ideas and keep them in organized collections. If you haven’t already, make sure to visit Valor Fireplaces over on our Pinterest or check out our latest post showing off some of our best pins.

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If you have already worked your way through Pinterest and still find yourself coming up empty for ideas, where do you go next? Have you considered checking out Houzz? It may sound like a foreign name, but Houzz is a popular and great place to find house and home inspiration. The best part is you can see what other people are doing in terms of design and gain some inspiration directly from real life home photos.  The great thing about Houzz is that it puts you directly in touch with other homeowners and home professionals to help you with any questions or projects you might have.

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In fact, Valor Fireplaces has a full profile on Houzz highlighting some of our favorite installation jobs and units. Our profile on Houzz will give you exclusive access to photos of Valor Fireplaces that you might not be able to see anywhere else. A second unique feature Houzz provides, is the ability to connect with Valor Fireplaces directly and ask your most burning questions right on the homepage. Keep in mind, if you are already a Valor owner, Houzz can offer a lot for you as well. For example, If you are thinking of changing the style or look of your fireplace make sure to check out the Ideabooks tab for new ways to style your Valor. Lastly, if you want to share your love of your Valor with the rest of the Houzz community, make sure to leave your personal review here.

So, before your next house project, fireplace install or room makeover make sure to check in with Houzz first. You might just find the inspiration and creativity you were looking for! To check out Valor Fireplaces Houzz page, please visit here.

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