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6 Ways To Reduce Clutter Around The Home

Getting organized at home can be an incredibly daunting task. Sometimes it feels like an even bigger mountain to climb when your surrounded by clutter. So what’s the best way to handle it and conquer it? Well, it may not be a one step process, but once you’re through the task of reducing clutter and organizing your home, you’ll be amazed at how much better you and your home will feel. Also, as an added bonus it’s been said that by reducing clutter around the home, you’ll help lower your personal stress level. Check out the 6 easy ways below to reduce clutter and create a happier home!

Declutter your home

  1. Keep, Toss, Donate: It’s time to get real with your home and come up with an action plan before tackling home clutter and organization.  The best way to stay on track is to designate a place to put items you will keep, toss and donate. Whether you use garbage bags, boxes or containers find a good place to get everything where it needs to go. Try and be as ruthless as possible and make sure everything you decide to keep has somewhere it can be stored.
  2. Kitchen: When it comes to the kitchen, the problem area is usually the kitchen counters.  Items will build up from repeated use and sometimes they just never get put away. So, start by cleaning and putting away anything on the counters that isn’t an essential such as small appliances, paperwork, dishes etc. Make a nice home in your cupboards for these items to keep the out of sight but easy to reach and do your best to give everything else a home or toss it if it’s not needed.
  3. Living Room: Whether you have a big family or a small family, items in the home will build up before you know it. Whether you are battling the constant war against toys and books or if you are just dealing with an overstuffed living room, try to get everything back to basics.  If your dealing with shelving, clear everything off the shelves, give the furniture a good clean and slowly start adding items back into the room. Go slow and make sure your keeping what you really need and love. Keep your sorting boxes ( keep, toss and donate) close so you can make quick and easy decisions.
  4. Bathroom: A collection of bottles, glasses and containers tends to be the scene on most bathroom counter tops. However, there is an easy way to conquer this clutter by utilizing baskets, containers, and labelled bins. Whenever possible, keep all these items in the bathroom out of sight whether it be under the counter or in a storage unit. Make sure to keep everyday items close to the front for easy and frequent use.
  5. Bedroom: The bedroom is one place in the home that should be the most relaxing. Clutter can sometimes counteract the feeling of relaxation which is why it’s important to keep your bedroom organized and fresh. The first place to tackle is the bed itself. Make sure your bed is exactly how you want it. Toss any pillows or blankets that just get kicked off anyways and only have what you love in terms of bedding. Another clutter spot is nightstand tables. They tend to collect little things and build up over time. To conquer this, keep only the essentials on the night stand top and keep anything else tucked away or in a drawer.
  6. Garage: Isn’t the garage the perfect home for clutter and general stuff? While it may be a novel idea to keep everything and anything in the garage, make sure you are keeping it organized to maximize your storage.  If it’s possible keep your keepsakes, holiday decorations and anything else that may be extra important in a sturdy container that is clearly labelled and waterproof in case of emergency.  If you have a work bench, spend some time getting all tools and extra parts into labelled compartments and drawers. Not only will organizing your garage be worth it, it will also help you spend less time looking for that pesky monkey wrench.

Do you have a unique way to conquer clutter around the home? Share it with us below!



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