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Artwork & Your Valor Fireplace

When you think about decorating your living room, artwork might be a big part of your decorating decision. One popular place to hang or show off artwork is above your Valor Fireplace or directly above your mantel piece. This is a great option as usually it gives the artwork a chance to shine in the center of the room. However, when you are picking the type of colors and art you want to hang, the choice isn’t always the easiest. That’s where we can help! We have gathered some great options that may help you decide what art works best for your space and your Valor Fireplace.

Bold Colours

One way to make your living room have a central focus, is to go with a bright and bold print directly above your mantel. Not only will a bright piece of artwork add some variety to your room, it will also allow you to have some fun with other surrounding colors and items. As you can see below, with the addition of decor pieces it really brings the whole fireplace mantel together. It is also wise to use similar bold colors in your surrounding areas.

ventana-custom-large Like Colors

If you are more interested in going to the other end of the spectrum, using like colors is the perfect scheme for you. Note how the picture hanging above the mantel plays off of the other colors already in the room.  Using the same color palette gives off a soft look for the whole room and will help enhance the natural light already streaming into the home.  Also consider adding in faux plants or fresh garden items to give it an extra refreshing look.

Multiple Pieces

Sometimes one brilliant piece of art isn’t enough for one room in the home. In this case, we can see how great the room can look with multiple pieces of art in the same color family. Not only do the paintings compliment each other which is extremely important, it also makes the room look more expansive by carrying similar colors throughout the whole room. Using some of the key color shades from the art you choose, will make picking decor and accent pieces that much easier.  Overall, this style will give the room an elegant and strong look that will last for years to come.

Black & White

Last but certainly not least, if you want a more modern look in your home, black and white might be the perfect combination. Displaying a black and white print above your mantel will give the whole room an instant modern and streamlined look.  Also, just because you are using black and white as your main color inspiration, don’t be scared to experiment with other color tones.  You can stick to using more neutral shades like you see below or you can add in bold, colored accent pieces to make certain parts of the room pop against your black and white scene.


Do you have a favorite art piece hanging above your Valor Fireplace? Share it with us below!

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