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Featured Product: L2 Linear Series

The Valor L2 Linear Series was inspired by the highly successful L1 Series, boasting an impressive 50″ linear viewing area. The L2 is a bold statement for any living space, exuding efficiency and Valor heat performance. The stunning Long Beach Driftwood firebed, combined with the beautiful flames within and impressive trim options make the L2 a true luxury fireplace for your home.

Firebeds & Liners

The L2 offers 2 firebeds similar to what would be found on the L1 Series: the Long Beach Driftwood & Murano Decorative Glass. Choose between the Fluted Black Liner or the new Reflective Glass Liner to experience the flames on a whole new level!

Inspired by the West Coast of British Columbia, the Long Beach Driftwood fire portrays raw, coastal elements, welcoming you to a state of warmth and relaxation. The Murano Decorative Glass firebed is available in both Black and azura decorative glass, which illuminates flames within, casting reflections on a stunning glass base.


Trims & Surrounds

There are 3 different styles of trim to use with the L2. The first is the 5 1/4″ inch surround offered in black, brushed nickel & bronze. These are nice bold optons that will make the L2 a focal point of any room. For a more subtle look, try the available 1″ finishing trim for a seamless look. Finally, the GRC Sandstone surround is a unique option for an entirely different look than other Valor products. Learn more about the GRC by contacting your local Valor dealer.


For more information on the Valor L2 Linear Series, please click here.

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