Introducing the new Legend G3 Brochure

A brand new version of the Legend G3 Insert Series brochure is set to be released very soon, but we are giving everyone a sneak peek today! Following the recent re-designs of other brochures, the G3 brochure continued with the new modern format. Valor ensures that each brochure produced is filled with vivid imagery, detailed information and easy to understand specifications so that both the customer and dealer can take advantage of.


What’s New?

  • New 2015 format, following previous re-designs
  • More content and information added
  • Full product spread showcasing the many options of the G3
  • 3 fold, detailed specification pages

View the PDF version of the new Legend G3 Insert Series by clicking here.

Interactive Brochure

In 2014 Valor introduced “Interactive Brochures”, a technology that allows users to “flip” through the pages of the brochure right on their screen and view images & video associated with certain sections. The Legend G3 Series brochure has been introduced with an interactive version and we hope to add more features to the design very soon. Check back for the additions of burning fire videos and more very soon! Click below to flip through the new brochure:


Alternatively, flip through the new Interactive brochure by clicking here.

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