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Valor Fireplaces Green Initiative

Trying to be more green and ecologically friendly around the home isn’t always an easy task. Luckily, Valor Fireplaces have got you covered when it comes to being more efficient and green. Every Valor Fireplace has been created to run as efficiently as possible, while keeping your family’s comfort and heat in mind. When we look closer at how your Valor Fireplace is really running, it can be seen that with a few key features there is no question why Valor is a brand that is always thinking ahead when it comes to being green.

The first key feature is the multi-tasking, programmable remote that is included with every Valor fireplace unit.  This small yet powerful remote gives you total control over the efficiency and heat of your unit, which will also help your fireplace produce less overall CO2 emissions.


Secondly, your Valor Fireplace has an efficient heater on the inside that doesn’t need electricity to run.  This is because the Valor engine in your unit provides you with the warmth of radiant and convective heat without the use of a fan that would be far more inefficient for your fireplace and home. An extra added feature included in your Valor that helps heat your home as efficiently as possible is zone heating.  Zone heating basically means that you are able to heat individual rooms as you use them, without heating a large area you may not be using at the moment. This cuts down on unnecessary heating costs and helps you control how your house is being heated.


Last but certainly not least, your Valor Fireplace can run Natural Gas. Natural gas has the lowest particulate levels and lowest levels of greenhouse gases compared to all fossil fuels, making your Valor that much more efficient. These points just start to cover how truly efficient and green your Valor Fireplace really is. For more information please visit here to read more on Valor’s Green Initiative.

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