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DIY All Natural, All Purpose Cleaner

It can be hard to find a home cleaning product that isn’t packed full of strong chemicals and extra additives. Even when you do find these all natural products, you end up paying double the price tag because of the included ingredients. Luckily, there is an easy way to save the cost and get rid of the unneeded chemicals around the house! You can make your own, DIY all natural, all purpose cleaner that can be used on almost any surface in the house. You won’t have to fuss with several bottles of cleaners as this one natural solution could potentially clean your whole house. Check out the simple instructions below and start mixing up your own natural all purpose cleaner today:


Items Needed:

  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Essential Oil
  • Spray Bottle


  1. Start by grabbing a plastic or glass spray bottle and add equal parts of vinegar and water to the bottle until the bottle is almost full. Mix together well.
  2. Once your water and vinegar is mixed together, add 12-30 drops of your favorite essential oil. The suggested combinations are:  lavender & lemon, cinnamon & orange, or use oils like tea tree or peppermint on their own for a refreshing clean.
  3. Mix the oils into the spray bottle and close. Give the cleaner a good shake before each use and store in a dry, cool place.
  4. Use this spray on almost any surface (Not suggest on marble/granite) and wipe down with a microfiber cloth!

Do you have any favorite, all natural cleaning recipes? Share them with us below!

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