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DIY Chalkboard Paint


By now you may have noticed that there is a modern, fun trend showing up in houses all over the world! The trend we are referring to is the ever popular chalkboard paint trend. With this versatile and fun paint you can turn almost any surface, room or furniture piece into an interactive area that is fun for everyone! Not only is this type of paint fun, it’s also functional as it will give you a surface to write messages on or show off some of your best chalk art. The only hitch to this wonderful paint is that sometimes it can be pricey, especially for larger projects.  Luckily, there is an easy way to make your own DIY chalkboard paint at home and save some extra dollars. All you need are a few simple items and before you know it you’ll have enough paint to chalkboard the whole house, although we don’t recommend it. Check out the instructions below to find out how to make your own DIY chalkboard paint:


Items Needed:

  • Latex Paint (Whatever color you choose will work)
  • Non-Sanded Grout
  • Bucket & A Brush
  • Chalk


  1. Start by mixing together your paint and grout. The best ratio to use is 1 part grout to 8 parts paint and you can adjust the levels as you see fit.
  2. Next, it’s time to throw in some elbow grease and mix up the paint and grout. You want to make sure the paint and grout mix together as smoothly as possible, as otherwise your grout will show on the wall. Mix the two parts until completely mixed together and smooth.
  3. Once everything has mixed together nicely, you are ready to paint! Paint any surface you like, making sure to do at least two coats for complete coverage.
  4. When your painted surface has dried, you need to condition the chalkboard before use! Simply, run a piece of chalk along the surface until its been completely covered in chalk.  Once the surface is covered in chalk, wipe it down with a dry towel. Your chalkboard surface is now ready to be used in any way you like!

Have you taken any chalkboard projects on? Share them with us below!

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