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4 Interesting Ways To Decorate Easter Eggs


Easter is coming up this weekend and with that it usually means a little relaxing, maybe some cooking and definitely some quality time with loved ones. During that time you may decide to decorate some Easter eggs to really get in the spirit of the holiday. There are so many options when it comes to decorating eggs for Easter, how will you decide? Well, to make that decision a little easier, we have gathered four really interesting and fun ways to decorate your Easter eggs this year! All you will need is a few simple household ingredients, a few choices of dyes and of course some eggs.

Check out the list below and get a head start on the Easter festivities:

  1. Chalkboard Eggs: If you have followed along with our blog in the past, you know how much we love chalkboards! So if you want to keep up the trend and chalkboard paint your eggs, it won’t take much effort. Simply, mix up a batch of our homemade DIY chalkboard paint and dip each egg into the paint. Let the eggs dry completely and pre treat them by rubbing chalk over the whole surface and wipe with a dry cloth. Once you have prepared your surface, it’s time to design! Use chalk pens and real chalk to decorate and if you end up being unhappy, wipe off your design and start again.
  2. Ombre Eggs: Ombre is a color trend that has never really gone out of style. So to celebrate this great trend, why not make design your eggs with a ombre finish! Simply prepare the color dye that you are wanting to color your egg with and start dipping. You will want to start by dipping just the bottom section of your egg in the dye and leave it to color the area. Once your happy with the shade, you can move up a level but you want to make sure to leave the egg in the dye for less time to achieve the Ombre effect. Continue this all the way until your egg is covered.
  3. Speckled Eggs: If you want your eggs to be more rustic decoration or maybe a centerpiece, try making speckled eggs. Dip dye the eggs the color of your choice and let them dry. Once dry, take a toothbrush or a small spray bottle and spray small amounts of acrylic paint on to your eggs. Do this in different patterns so the speckling looks authentic. Let the eggs fully dry before displaying.
  4. Masking Tape Eggs: Last but certainly not least, if you have a pattern or shape in mind for your egg dye design try using masking tape! Cut the tape out in the shape or pattern that you prefer and stick it smoothly on to your egg surface. Die the eggs as normal with the color of your choice. Once the eggs are almost dry, remove the tape to reveal your custom design!

Whatever you do this Easter weekend, make sure you are enjoying your time and relaxing with those you love in front of your Valor Fireplace! Happy Easter from Valor!

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