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5 Ways To Decorate With Personal Photos

Our memories and favorite moments are usually captured with some kind of lens. Whether it be the camera, your smartphone or maybe even a video, these moments that we capture end up being some of the most important. So what is the best way to display these memories while still keeping your home and walls looking modern? Well, while the options can be overwhelming there are a few easy ways to incorporate your favorite memories throughout the entire home. Keep reading below for 5 ways to decorate with personal photos:


Gallery Wall

Photo/Design Credit: Love Grows Wild


A gallery wall is such a great way to show off multiple photos without overwhelming the room! It also allows you to tie in other decor pieces that will highlight the color and style of your room. You can create a gallery wall almost anywhere in the home and it can be completely custom to your space. When designing your wall, start with a few small pieces and your favorite photos to give your display a base and work out from there.


Fireplace Mantle Display

Pic Credit: BH

When it comes to decorating above your Valor Fireplace, the options are truly endless. While you can easily go with the traditional frames resting on the mantle, there is a new and exciting way to show off your favorite photos.  Create a small yet striking photo display just above your mantle to bring the eye to the center of the room and proudly display your favorite prints. Consider having the photos in similar color scheme, like the black and white above to create a visually stunning display that you will treasure for years.

Window Frame 

Pic Credit: Hative

If you are looking for a way to incorporate a rustic theme into your home photo display, look no further. Not only will this project get the creative juices flowing, it will also be cost effective as all you need is an older style window frame and your favorite photos! You can add extra eye catching details such as your favorite quote or decal and the frames can be hung in multiples of 3 to create a larger display.

Photo Artwork 

Pic/Design Credit: Apartment Therapy

 A simple, classic way to show off your favorite print is to have it enlarged and displayed as a statement piece in your home. Simply choose your favorite photo and take it to your local copy and print location to have it blown up to the appropriate size. You can then have it framed, mounted or simply hang it as it is. A print like this is perfect as a centerpiece over the couch or dining space like it is shown above!


Hanging Display

Pic/Design Credit: A Small Snippet

Last but certainly not least, if you’re not thrilled about having several photos to hang, this is the perfect solution. All you will need to create a hanging photo display is a few wall shelves in the color of your choice and several framed photos you would like to display. This is the perfect photo solution for those who like to change the design on a regular basis as the photos can be moved around and changed in a matter of minutes!


What is your favorite way to display photos? Share with us in the comments below!


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