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Fireplace Surround Design Inspirations

When designing how your Valor fireplace will fit into your home, it is important to consider how the finished product will look.

There are many ways to finish a fireplace to a wall or space, so read below to see some of the top options available in 2015:


A brick surround is a timeless design. A natural red brick surround, combined with a stunning white mantel, can really make a room pop! This combination will draw attention to the fire and keep Valor owners warm and toasty. Ensure to keep the rest of the room cohesive in design, playing off the white mantel for things like door frames or trim.

Not feeling the red? Bricks can be easily painted to change the entire look of the room!



A stone fireplace surround can truly enhance not only the room it is in, but the entire home. One important aspect of a stone fireplace is to ensure that the stone frames the fireplace, which in turn draws the eye towards the flames within. A stone fireplace also offers a wide variety of design options, including some very unique arched, feature and ceiling height surrounds. Another thing to consider is that you can choose between real stone or faux stone depending on your application, it’s totally up to you!


A stunning concrete fireplace mantel, wall or shelf is guaranteed to provide an eye-catching focal point for any space. Hand cast concrete is the ideal material for surrounding your new fireplace. Some of the big benefits of concrete include the minimal maintenance, durability and stability. Concrete can also absorb and redistribute the heat from the fireplace, something that is lost in other surround options.

Concrete mantels and surrounds come in many shapes and sizes, so check out some of these great designs from Solus Handcast Concrete Decor.


Perhaps the simplest method for enhancing your fireplace is to add a beautiful mantel into the space. A fireplace can enhance any room, from traditional to contemporary spaces, so choosing the right mantel is key to the design of the room. The mantel should match both the fireplace and the design of the room, while ensuring the it is not over or undersized.

Another huge advantage of a mantel is that it allows (certain) TV sets to be placed above fireplaces (refer to your installation manual for more information regarding TV’s, fireplaces and clearances). Normally it would be too hot and TV’s can get damaged, but a mantel deflects the heat elsewhere allowing you to enjoy that new 55″.

For more great examples of fireplace surround inspirations, check out some of the great Valor designs by clicking here.

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