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Every year there is a new trend or fad that seems to catch on fast and before you know it, everyone is following along. Well, the same can be said for the paint world as trendy colors are always changing on a yearly basis and making a real statement in the interior design world. This year we are seeing a good mix of color choices that range from striking to calm and serene. Keep reading to find out what is popular in paint colors in 2015!




Do pastel colors ever really go out of style? Whether you are choosing the perfect shade of robin egg blue or leaning towards something more peaceful like a light plum, you can never really go wrong. Pastel colors will open up your room making it feel more light and refreshed. Pastels are also great as the options are endless and can really get you out of your comfort zone without taking away from your design. This is usually because pastels come off muted but bring a sense of fun into any room. Some of the most popular pastel shades are: Mint, Blue Clay, French Beige and Mocha.

Neutral Grey 

Neutral grey has to be one of the most versatile paint colors, as it fits almost every single room perfect. Using neutral great in your high traffic areas is a great idea as it will bring a modern edge to your room without becoming overbearing. Grey is also the perfect base for a room if you are considering an accent wall. The grey will support the design of your choosing and really help it stand out.  Don’t be afraid to mix different shades of grey (no pun intended) to give your home a dramatic look.

Olive Green

Olive green may not be your first thought when it comes to painting the interior of your home, but you might be surprised how great it looks! The beautiful shade of green will give any room an organic and natural look without being overpowering. It can be mixed well with shades of white, beige and blue and can make for a striking accent wall in the kitchen or living space. If you are feeling adventurous, consider mixing olive green with lighter shades of yellow to create a beautiful contrast that will truly brighten your space.

Royal Blue

Last but certainly not least, a popular color in 2015 is a striking shade of royal blue. Whether you prefer this great color in gloss or matte form, it will always stand out no matter where you decide to paint. For a twist on an accent wall consider this beautiful royal blue shade on your ceiling, finishing the walls in a nice neutral color such as white or grey to complete the look.



What is your favorite paint trend for 2015?

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