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Introducing the Legend G4 785X

As the Valor Legend insert family continues to grow and change, we introduce the new Legend G4 785X with 3 new firebeds! the G4 Series is designed to fit existing large fireplace openings without sacrificing presence and performance. The result, an impressive flame viewing area highlighted by a proportional surround that compliments, not overpowers.

The G4 has both ceramic and stainless steel burner kit options, which have been engineered to increase performance and overall efficiencies. Handcrafted fire beds include the original traditional log (780/785J) & now the new Beachside driftwood, Murano glass and decorative glass media kits (785X). Glowing fuel effects radiate and convect warmth, zone heating strategic spaces in your home.

The new Legend G4 785X shown with Pebble Beach Driftwood & Fluted Black Liner
The new Legend G4 785X shown with Pebble Beach Driftwood & Fluted Black Liner

Legend G4 Ceramic Burners

Along with the Traditional log set found in the 785J version, we would like to introduce the new Pebble Beach driftwood, Murano glass and decorative glass options as shown below. The Driftwood media kits are specially designed to direct radiant heat into your living space. Detail to realism and log design is highlighted by magnificent flames on both high and low fire.

Inspired by the island of Murano’s ‘fire on water’ heritage, flames illuminate clear tumbled glass, casting reflections on a perimeter glass base. The decorative glass design is a full-display media bed of glass. A portfolio of unique fire bed designs accompany years of Valor engineering resulting in a beautiful fireplace that distributes steady, even warmth for your home.

785X Driftwood Fire
785X Murano Decorative Glass Fire
785X Decorative Glass Fire, shown with Reflective Glass Panel

Watch them Burn!



A proud ‘big brother’ to the Valor insert family, the Legend G4 is a much welcomed update and upgrade to your existing hearth. To learn more, please click here.

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