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Introducing Edgemont Doors for the H5

The popular Valor H5 Series is getting a big upgrade! Introducing the Edgemont “Lift Off” single door and double door front. These popular options were first showcased on the Legend G3.5 & Legend G4 Series, proving to be very successful.

In efforts to pursue continuity across the Valor product line, we are proud to offer the Edgemont Front in both single door and double door applications.

Edgemont “Lift Off” Single Door

The Edgemont single “lift off” door comes in both a stunning bronze powder coat and plated brushed nickel finish. Clean lines transition to any wall finish, housing a stylized mesh screen for maximum safety with minimal visual impact. As well, the newly designed fine mesh screen was selected to minimize impact on convective and radiant heat output, promoting higher emissivity. Check out the different looks below:


Edgemont Double Doors

Combining traditional two door design with contemporary handles and finishes, the Edgemont Double Door complements a variety of room decors. Solid cast hinges mount thick gage metal doors in both vintage iron and bronze powder coated finishes. Check out the different looks below as well as some stunning detail shots:


For more information on the H5 Series and Edgemont Door options, please click here.

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