Introducing the Horizon/H4 Brochure

The Valor Horizon & H4 Series brochures have been combined into one beautiful new showcase piece! For well over a decade, the Horizon Series has expanded its line of diverse,energy efficient, heater-rated fireplaces while the H4 offered a more contemporary feel. We have packed the new look brochure full of new content, imagery and interactive features along with fantastic new specification and framing references. Discover the new brochure below:

H4 inner brochure

What’s New?

  • New 2015 format, following previous re-designs
  • Covers both the Valor Horizon and Valor H4 Series.
  • Brand new product descriptions
  • Brand new specification pages, including framing & dimensional information
  • Imagery has been updated throughout with brand new fires

PDF Brochure

To check out the new brochure in PDF format, please click here. For a more interactive experience, keep reading below:

Interactive Brochure

Interactive brochures have become a great new resource provided by Valor for viewing a PDF brochure like you would an e-book. This is a technology that allows users to “flip” through the pages of the brochure right on their screen and view images & video associated with certain sections. Click below to flip through the new brochure:

H4/Horizon Combined

Alternatively, flip through the new Interactive brochure by clicking here.

Looking for More?

To view the complete line of Valor product brochures visit this awesome link!

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