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4 Ways To Maximize Storage In Your Home


Storage and space can be a hard thing to come by within our homes, apartments and condos. Most places now a days come compact with lack of storage or if there is storage it isn’t the most practical when it comes to your needs. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to fix this issue and create storage spaces and areas that are actually functional and catered to you. It usually calls for us to look at our space in a different way to really figure out what would work best, once you do this you’ll be able to maximize the space you do have without going into major renovation or breaking the bank. So why hesitate, check out the 4 ways below to maximize storage in your home below:

Baskets & Bins

Although, it may seem easier just to throw loose items into a space or on to shelf it isn’t really helping your storage issue. Loose items can be deceiving and take up more space then you think. This is why it can be great to place baskets into these empty spaces and then fill those baskets accordingly. It’s important to keep like things together and to make sure your everyday use items are near the front or easily accessible. Doing this will also cut down how much time you search for an item as you’ll already know it’s in its spot waiting to be picked up.

Find Secret Storage

Almost every house has a little secret storage somewhere. Whether it’s above your kitchen cupboards, a deep corner in the bedroom or some hidden shelving in your closets it just takes getting a little creative to use this space. Consider using thin baskets, hang up storage or even a small shelving unit to really maximize these unexpected spaces and use what your home is giving you. It’s important to avoid clutter, so start small and simple and add things in as you go for the best effect. If your worried about items you may have tucked away and can’t see, make a small list so you always have an inventory on hand.

Under The Bed

It’s not everyone first thought when you’re looking for storage, but under the bed is such a great option when your tight on space. Whether you choose to get a bed frame that allows for built in storage or you use your existing bed setup and create under the bed storage, the options can be endless. To make under the bed storage the most practical, make sure to put things you won’t use often in the far back so you aren’t having to constant pull things in and out. A few great suggestions for things to store are: Seasonal Clothing, Holiday Decorations, Mementos, Heavy Blankets etc.

Create A System

Everyone has their own way of processing things in the home and life that are no longer needed. This can be important when it comes to storage as if nothing is going out, it can be hard to bring anything new into the space. So whether you have a one in, one out rule or you have yearly clean outs a few times a year, it’s important to keep up with these handy traditions. If you want more of a every day solution, create a small box or space that you can fill with donations on a monthly basis. At the end of the month, take the donations out and clear your home of things you may not need anymore. Do this every month to keep the home feeling light and refreshed, without clutter.


What are your best storage tips? Share them with us below!

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