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When you purchase a Valor fireplace through an authorized dealer, we believe optimum customer care occurs through our qualified dealer and distributor locations. Valor is committed to providing our customers with the strongest support necessary, and through our dealer network and the information below, we believe we can achieve just that!


Locating a Valor authorized dealer

For general inquiries, including those about installation, pricing, and operation, customer support & more please contact your local authorized Valor dealer.

It’s quite easy to locate the nearest authorized Valor dealer in your area. Simply enter your postal/zip code by clicking here and a list of dealers will be presented to you, complete with maps and directional support!

Registering your Valor Warranty

Looking to register your Valor warranty? It’s as easy as 1-2-3 with our easy to use online form: Register your Valor warranty.

For information on Valor’s Outdoor Fireplace warranty program, click here.

Requesting Product Information

Looking for more detailed information on a product? We want to hear from you!

Valor provides an online form that goes directly to our technical & customer service department, ensuring that the information you receive back is informed and as helpful as possible. To access the form, please click here.

General Customer Feedback

Like we mentioned above, we want to hear from you! Can’t stop raving to your friends about your amazing new Valor gas fireplace? Did you receive amazing customer support from a dealer? Looking to see a new product from Valor?

Leave us your comments and questions by clicking here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact a local dealer or distributor with any questions you may have regarding a Valor fireplace product.


  • Tim Branton

    I believe I have uncovered a small issue with the Valor remote programming. Not sure if you are aware of it, but I thought I’d bring it to your attention.
    If the remote temp (day or night) is set to 5°C, and the temperature in my garage drops below 5°, the display on the remote shows — and the fireplace does not come on at all. Strangely, if the remote temp is set to 6°C, and the temp drops below 5°, the display on the remote will show — and the fireplace will turn on.
    My dealer replaced my remote, to no avail.
    Let me know if Valor has any further insight on this.

  • James Bills

    I have had my fireplaces for 6 years and love them. However, I have decided to try to use them more to heat our home. The problem I am having, however, is I cannot get the remotes to work as I think they should. I have set the day temp to 71 F and the night temp to 68 F. The timer is set to 6:00 Am as day temp and 10:00 pm as night temp. P2 is set to 10Pm and 10 Pm. If I put the remote in temp mode, the fireplace burns until it reaches the temperature and turns the flame off. It never turns back on. The same if I set the remote to timer. This behavior is identical for both fireplaces and both remotes. I have talked to my dealer (Croft in Bountiful Utah). They are as helpful as they can be but I can’t figure this out.

  • tony clarizio

    Series L1 fireplace stays low and blue even at its max height and temp. Is there a way to adjust the height. I just bought the unit and it was installed last week. Its been this from the beginning.

  • Navid

    My fire place stopped working with my remote , when I press and hold the off button and large flame at the same time the flame adjustment knob turns but nothing happens , please let me know what I need to do , thanks

  • Patricia. Andergrift

    I have set the fan to high but do not hear a fan…have 2 fireplaces LegendG 3.5 and they are both the same.
    Using these fireplaces as a heat source in my cottage and are not happy with how complicated it is to keep it going and not have the pilot go out.
    I am ready to take out and replace!!! This is our second winter and last year they shut off and we had no heat fortunately no frozen pipes as we had a furnace as backup.
    We have programmed for the fireplace to come on to 80for 30min per day but when we arrived today the pilot was out on both.
    What is your solution to a very complicated remote!

  • Meredith Te

    I am an architect with a venting question that is not clear in your manual for the 534JN. My authorized dealer cannot help me. Can someone from your technical department reach out? The question is about the height of the vertical vent termination on a 14:12 roof. The catalog calls for a 5′ termination above the low spot on the roof, but does not address the condition if the top of the chimney is taller than the ridge. If we maintain 5′ height the termination will be 2′ above the ridge. Or is 4′ height okay so that the termination is 12″ above the ridge.

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