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Valor has several remote control options and features available across the product line with the goal to benefit both the fireplace and the home owner. We’d like to take the time to go over each model and describe the benefits and which fireplace model each remote can work with.


Valor Comfort Control Remote

The Comfort Control remote from Valor is the latest in fireplace remote controllability. The goal of the Comfort remote is to manage your home heating needs with convenience, reliability and overall simplicity. A touch button handset easily ignites the pilot light, while making it simple to adjust flame levels with the programmable options such as room temperature control.

The Comfort Control is a sleek, modern & easy to use remote system that boasts better communication with Valor fireplaces than ever before.

Available on the following Valor FireplacesH5 Series

ValorStat Max Remote

With the power to select, adjust and program the desired temperature, the ValorStat Max proves to be feature filled and extremely beneficial for your home. Eco-friendly features include the ability for a timer and thermostat mode that will help save energy and lower overall heating costs. install a 795CFK fan kit for full control of your heating needs.

Available on the following Valor FireplacesLegend G4, Legend G3.5

ValorStat Plus Remote

The ValorStat Plus has a built-in timer that turns your fireplace on when you want it. Looking to wake up in bed in a toasty and cozy room? Set your ValorStat Plus to turn your fireplace on before you wake up to ensure maximum comfort! This feature can also be programmed to turn off at the time of your choosing. Additionally you can set the fireplace to turn your pilot light on and off with the programmability feature. Never again will you have to get down on your knees to adjust the pilot.

Fore more information on the ValorStat Plus, including tutorial videos and available models, please click here.

ValorStat Remote

The simplest ValorStat remote, helping you stay in control, stay comfortable and ensure convenience. The ValorStat GV34 has the ability to set the local time, set the temperature of the fireplace and set the flame level. Additionally you can set your fireplace to come on before you wake up or turn off after you leave home with the programability settings.

Available on the following Valor FireplacesLegend G3 (B-Vent), Retrofire


  • Arvin Heilman

    I have what is labeled a Valor Comfort 8 remote for my Valor fireplace insert which is a touch pad device (no moving buttons). The remote has always been problematic and takes many, many tries to do anything including turning on the insert. And for any of these attempts to work I have to be within 6 or 7 feet of the insert which is very inconvenient as my chair is 12 feet away. Surely this is not how you designed this remote. Surely this one has to be defective. And, no, I can’t contact the dealer about it as his only suggestion is to pay several hundred dollars for a service call.

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