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3 Home Renovation Shows You Should Be Watching


When it’s time to work on the design or style of your home, where do you pull inspiration from? There are so many options nowadays when looking for inspiration between magazines, online design sites and even on our own televisions. You can find great ideas and tips by watching different home renovation and design shows as they showcase many different design ideas and styles of homes. But the hard part can be deciding which show to watch first! We have some great suggestions below for 3 renovation shows you should be watching right now!


Love It Or List It Vancouver

Love it or list Vancouver it is an exciting home renovation show based right here in Vancouver, BC! Jillian and Todd work head to head to help families and homeowners either fall in love with a new home that fits their growing needs or helps them fall in love all over again with their current home after renovations and updates. It’s up to the homeowner what they choose, but you can guarantee that you’ll find some great style and design ideas as they work through each home! You’ll also be able to see Valor Fireplaces in some of the renovated homes, which is a great way to get some inspiration and ideas.



Income Property

Scott McGillivray is the main man on his show Income Property, as he helps homeowners battle through and complete renovations in order to add value or rentable space within their home. This is great for homeowners who are considering purchasing or renovating their own space for income! You’ll learn great tips and tricks on how to make your income property most valuable and how to make the most of any space!



Property Brothers

Last but certainly not least, Property Brothers is a great show for those in total home renovation mode. This great home renovation show, showcasing the brothers and new homeowners as the fix up and transform homes into dream homes.  They assist the homeowners by finding the best properties on the market to overhaul and update, all while keeping the owners design style in mind!

Make sure to tune in to gather all home inspiration you can get! Also, make sure to keep an eye out for Valor Fireplaces on any of the above shows.

Do you have a favorite renovation show? Share it with us below.

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