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Creating a Focal Point

When designing a room, some designers like to create a focal point and then add in decor, pops of color and furniture to make the ideal space. When the focal point of the room is a stunning Valor Gas Fireplace, we’d like to think that we have some great ideas for ensuring your space truly stands out among the rest. Whether you want to keep it simple, modern or traditional, Valor fireplaces will always be able to bring the room together and offer steady, efficient heat.

Depending on your space there are a ton of different options available, review some of our thoughts below:

Keep it Simple, Keep it Light

Legend G3.5 Insert Series

The image above showcases a Legend G3.5 Insert Series fireplace in neutral colored living room. The fireplace is the main focal point of the space with more neutral tones being incorporated throughout. Neutral can only get your so far, so to offset the white walls and light furniture the designer added pops of pink flowers and pillows, wood tables and silver accents. By understanding what kind of color scheme and decor will work for a neutral space you can try playing off of other accent colors around your home to see what works best.

Color Matching

Legend G3 Insert Series

Shown above is a Legend G3 Insert in a more traditional setting using brown and beige undertones throughout the room to create a cozy space. The dark trim and surround of the fireplace blends perfectly with the brick mantel and dark furniture. The wood accents and personalized decor give the room an inviting feeling, making it the perfect place to enjoy a Valor gas fireplace.

Avoid Cluttering Your Space

L1 Linear Series

Sometimes the easiest way to ensure that your fireplace is the focal point is to just keep things simple. Display your fireplace, as shown above, on stunning feature wall and then surround that area with simple decor that color matches the surroundings. Just make sure that the decor, furniture or TV doesn’t take away from your beautiful Valor gas fireplace.


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