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How To Fix Stubborn Drawers!


There is nothing worse than a dresser or storage unit with drawers that just won’t cooperate. Whether you’re dealing with an antique or older dresser that won’t budge or with a drawer that is so stuck it is almost unusable, don’t fear as we have the perfect solution! Not only are sticky drawers easy to fix, you won’t have to look far in your home for the supplies needed. Depending on how stuck your drawer is, you may need to try a few of these methods below or use a combination of them to get the best results. Read below to find out how to fix all the stubborn drawers in your home:


Wax-paperWax Paper:

Have a little wax paper lying around the house? Little did you know, this product is perfect for un-sticking drawers. Simply, fold the wax paper over itself a few times and rub the flat surface on the tracks of your drawers. Do this a few times on each track, leaving a thin layer of wax behind. Reapply as needed and test after a few applications.


That’s right, your regular everyday bar of soap will work as a drawer greaser in a pinch! The only catch is this method can be a bit messier, so make sure to have some drop cloths on your floor. To grease the tracks run the bar of soap along each track several times, applying pressure as you work. The soap should start to shave off into the tracks and will act as a lubricator for the drawer!

candle-197248_1920Wax Candle:

Last but not least if you want to keep your dresser drawers running smoothly, try using a candle! That’s right, a simple beeswax or votive type candle will work for greasing stuck drawers. Similar to the soap application, rub your candle of choice along the track and within the nooks and cranny’s to make sure all parts are greased. This will help the drawers move out much more smoothly.

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