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3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom Warm For Fall


The fall season is slowly creeping around the corner and the temperatures are starting to drop little by little. For the most part it is easy to prepare your home for fall by bringing out some warmer decor, changing your bed linens etc. But what about the bathrooms in your home? It’s easy to forget about smaller areas in your home, but it’s just as important to make sure all your rooms are ready for the fall and winter months. So how will you get your bathroom ready might you ask? Well, read below to find out 3 simple ways to warm up your bathroom for fall.


Fresh Start: With the change of the seasons, it is a great time to give your bathroom a bit of a cleaning overhaul so it’s ready for the next few months. This could mean anything from a new coat of warm paint on the walls to reorganizing the bathroom cupboards. Make sure to pay close attention to small areas like the grout in the shower and nooks surrounding the cabinets and floors. Starting off with a deep cleaned bathroom can make it feel more comfortable and welcoming rather than an ongoing to do list.


Linen Investment: When it comes to linens in the bathroom, it can be very worthwhile to invest a little money into towels, rugs and accent linens. This will not only set you up with quality pieces to use through the winter months, it will also make your bathroom feel luxurious and welcoming.  Consider finding a rug or two that matches the bathroom well and provides warmth for your feet on cold mornings. Also, finding a shower curtain with a nice print or solid color can make all the difference to pull everything together.


Little Touches: You may not think that the small soaps and luxurious candles make a difference in a standard bathroom, but it can make the whole room more welcoming for any guests and the whole family. Consider adding a few of your favorite small soaps or lotions to your bathroom counter to make them easily available to everyone. Also, adding in candles or a small lamp can make all the difference to a bright room as you instantly will add another layer of light into the room.



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