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5 Ways To Use Mason Jars Around Your Home

In the last few years, the trend of using mason jars for something other than jam has absolutely taken off.  These quaint jars have become quite the hot topic in the home and design world because of the endless amount of uses available. We love to see them used in home decor, organizing and even as quirky storage containers because no matter where they end up, the usually end up fitting in perfectly. Check out the 5 ways below to learn how to use mason jars around the home:

Pic Cred: Your Home Based Mom

1. Gold Mason Jar Vase

If you’re looking for a way to take your jars from plain to glam, look no further. This DIY project takes clear jars and turns them into elegant flower vases that can be used almost anywhere in the home. You can get creative with your patterns and color choices to really make the jars pop!

Pic Cred: Genna Marie

2. Mason Jar Garden

If you find yourself short on outdoor space or you are looking for a simple, fuss free way to garden this project is perfect for you. You will learn step by step how to plan your mason jar garden and how to give it the best care. This is a great way to bring a little bit of the outside in as this garden is not only movable, it can be used indoor or outdoors. Lastly, this would make a perfect set up for an indoor herb garden that could be stored on the kitchen counter.



Pic Cred: Lifehacker

3. Mason Jar Wall Decor

If you love mason jars, but lack space this project will fit into your home perfectly. These rustic mason jar wall hangings fit perfect into almost any home decor and can add an extra layer of light to any space. These would also be great outside along a fence or used as a feature wall.  Using different types of wood and colors can give this project a touch of individuality.

Pic Cred: A Lo And Behold Life

4. Pottery Barn Inspired Lanterns 

Pottery Barn has some beautiful decor items, but sometimes can come at a hefty cost. So instead, why not recreate a similar item to what they sell with the items you have at home! While this project will call for a few DIY skills and some elbow grease, you might just find the results are well worth the work. These beautiful mason jar lanterns can be indoors or out and will spread beautiful light over any space.

Pic Credit: DIY Playbook

5. Mason Jar Organizer

Extra storage can be very hard to find, which means sometimes we have to create our own solutions to make things work. In this case, you can take wood, mason jars and a few supplies and at the end you will be left with a handy organizer that will help control clutter and mess. Whether you use this system in your bathroom, kitchen or craft room, the options are absolutely endless and you might be surprised how much these little jars hold.

How do you use mason jars? Share your thoughts with us below!

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