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Burn Clean, Engineered Green

Valor offers cost effective, heating solutions for your home by providing efficient, heater-rated fireplaces. With impressive Energuide & Enerchoice ratings we aim to ensure that our fireplaces are burning clean while engineered green in any home living space.

The Valor H5 Series offers a variety of “green” factors

Green Factors

Looking for even more reasons to own a Valor? Read the list below to see why a Valor fireplaces is perfect for your home:

  • Modulating Valve – Saves fossil fuels and eliminates overheating your living spaces.
  • Electronic Ignition System/Remote Control – A Valor remote control produces less CO2 emissions by using multi-tasking. A standing pilot light would use more emissions.
  • No Power No Problem – When the power fails, your Valor won’t. No electricity or fan required.
  • Zone Heating – efficiently distribute the heat to individual living spaces.
  • Radiant Heat – Like the sun, radiant heat provides steady, even comfort.
  • Natural Gas – Natural gas has the lowest particulate levels and lowest levels of greenhouse gases compared to all fossil fuels.


For more information on Valor fireplaces and the many features that they offer, visit our website.

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