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How To Store Your Home Paper & Bills

Almost all of us have a spot in the house where all the paper, bills and mail gather. Whether that is a catch-all at the front door for incoming mail or an extra drawer in the living room, it is easy to collect a ton of paper in the home. Unfortunately, these  items tend to pile up quickly and you usually will find yourself digging through stacks of mail and bills just to find what you’re looking for. Luckily, there is an easy way to combat this paper clutter issue and it will help you feel more organized by giving everything a home.


Before you can give your home paper and bills a home, it’s time to get tough and clean house. Start by gathering up all the paper, home documents, bills, receipts and anything else that may be lying around and sort them into piles. Create 3 piles: Keep, Toss, Address. Anything in the keep pile, put aside until later, toss anything out in the garbage or recycling that you do not need and anything that is in the address pile should be things that need to be addressed (unpaid bills, documents to read or review, letters etc).


When it comes to storing home documents or paper, it can be really hard to find a good looking system that fits your home decor scheme. You want to find a system that you will be able access regularly but that doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. All it takes is a little creativity and before you know it, you will have the perfect storage unit to fit your space. We love these 3 simple, yet practical storage ideas that keep everything hidden while still being functional space.

Label & Create

Last but not least, once you have decided on your storage system, it’s extremely important to label and create a filing system. You can set this up anyways that makes sense for you and the whole family, as long as it cuts down on how much time you’ll have to spend looking for certain documents. Whether you choose to add sticky labels, color coded tags or just a simple title to each file, try them out until you find the system perfect for you home!

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