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How To Use Corners In Your Home



In any home, you will find small corners or spaces in different rooms that don’t seem to hold much value. But we like to think those spaces are underrated and sometimes forgotten about in the grand scheme of things! Small spaces or corners can be great when you are trying to maximize storage, increase the functionality of your room or improve on your style. How does this work may you ask? Well, usually it takes some creativity and out of the box thinking and before you know it, you have maximized every space in your home perfectly.



If you find yourself looking at a traditional style for your home, consider utilizing the corners with a set of shelves. Not only are increasing your storage space by adding in corner shelves, you also are now using up space that was practically unusable before.  Consider several shelves that go from the top to bottom of your corner or play with different sizes and lengths for a more creative design.


Corner Friendly Furniture 

It may seem like a difficult task to find corner friendly furniture, but surprisingly it’s more available then you think! From IKEA to Restoration Hardware, you can find differently priced pieces of furniture that are perfect for many of the corners your home may hold. Depending on your needs, whether it’s storage or design try out different pieces until you find the right fit. You could do something a simple a corner cabinet to increase your overall storage or add in a small round dining table that gives you seating for guests, all while freeing up space in other areas.

Decor Pieces

Decor is the easiest to solution to those tough corner spaces you may find in your home. Items like a rustic blanket ladder or leaning shelf are perfect a they utilize the space up the wall, while freeing up valuable floor space.  This can be a great way to display your favorite trinkets and decor items without cluttering the entire space. If possible, pull some inspiration from your room when choosing decor to pull everything together!


Reading Nook

Last but not least, we have a simply sweet idea for that unused space in your home. Creating a reading nook in a small corner of your room or space can have a lot of benefits. Whether it be for the kids or the adults, you can create a small area to get away from life and really savor a few moments a day. Whether it becomes a place for reflection or a quiet space for the kids to read, it couldn’t be more perfect for all members of the home. Fill the space with favorite books, cozy blankets and soft pillows to bring it all together.

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