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Introducing the Madrona Square Front

The Madrona Traditional Freestanding fireplace is now available in both arched and square front design. The beautiful cast iron body remains a staple point and is available in both black and majolica brown depending on the color of your living space. It packs a serious punch with a proven, robust firebox and heat exchanger that delivers the radiant and convective comfort Valor is known for.

The new square front offers our customers a larger viewing area, allowing you to see the beautiful logs and flames within the firebox from any angle. It’s the perfect upgrade for an old wood stove, and offers superior home heating and comfort for any room or summer cottage.

With advanced sealed combustion & direct vent technology the Madrona is one of the best for gas efficiency and home safety. Check out the new design of the square front below:

Madrona Traditional with Square Front

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