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No Power, No Problem: 5 Ways To Prepare For A Power Outage


Over the weekend, Vancouver experienced an unexpectedly big storm that came packed with high winds, torrential rain and power outages for over 400,000 in the lower mainland.  Even though the storm has since died down, it gives us more reason to be extra prepared before the next storm comes around.

No Power, No Problem

How can you get prepared may you ask? Well if you have a Valor Fireplace, you are already halfway there on the preparedness scale. This is because Valor Fireplaces do not need electricity or fans to run, meaning when the power goes out your whole family will stay warm and cozy. Even if you don’t have a Valor or if you’re considering one it’s important to prepare in other ways. Read below for 5 important ways to prepare for a power outage:


  1. Prepare An Emergency Bag: It is very important to be ready before a storm hits as you won’t know how bad things are until you’re in the worst of it. A great way to get ready is to prepare an emergency bag to be kept in your home. It’s important to stock it with blankets, candles, emergency food and water, extra clothing and photocopies of important medical records. Also, it can be a good idea to included a small first aid kit and any required medications.
  2. Prepare Your Home: As much as it’s important to prepare ourselves, it’s also important to prepare our homes before a power outage hits. Make sure each floor or space of the house has a reachable, working flashlight with back up batteries. Also, be sure to stock up on candles, blankets, a radio and extra dry and non perishable foods in case you find yourself stuck inside for a few days.
  3. Make A Plan: If you have young children or a large family, it can be a lot of people to account for in a time of distress. Consider creating an emergency plan for all members of the family including your pets and make sure all members are informed. Laying out an emergency route with planned exits, preparing and planning for the worst can make all the difference when a storm hits.
  4. Extra Water: One of the most important things to have on hand will be water. Make sure to keep extra gallons or jugs of water somewhere in the home or in your basement/storage area. This will keep your extra prepared in case there is a loss of utilities for a long period of time.
  5. Emergency Contacts: It’s a very good idea to have a wired phone in place with a list of emergency contacts before a storm hits. This will let you phone important numbers such as the power company or emergency services. Consider having a list handy with the most important numbers as well as emergency contacts outside of your area that can be contacted in a time of need.


To learn more about Valor’s no power, no problem watch the video below:

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