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Social media is a big avenue for Valor to announce things like new products, TV media, technical servicing and so much more, and Facebook is at the forefront of our social campaigns. With over 3,800 followers Facebook is Valor’s largest social platform and encourages our customers and dealers to actively post on our page. Review some of the way our Facebook page can help you get more information on Valor today:

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Interact with Valor

Whenever we post a photo, status update or video, we encourage our users to comment, ask questions or post their own photos to show us. We love to interact with our customers so if you ever see something that catches you eye, let us know!


Having a issue with your Valor gas fireplace? Feel free to message us for more information or Troubleshooting advice. We always ensure to send any questions directly to our technical and customer service departments, ensuring a fast and efficient response.

Showcase your Valor Fireplace!

Do you have a Valor fireplace installed in your home that you want to showcase? We’d love to see it! Users have been sharing their installations and room settings for years on our page, ranging from beautiful cottage settings in the East Coast to warm little puppies cozying up to a Valor like we see below.

A recent;y shared post showcases how much this little pup loves Valor!
A recently shared post showcases how much this little pup loves Valor!

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