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Google+, the social media equivalent of Facebook for Google, offers personal and company based profiles that allow them to share their content, photos, videos and more. The Google+ service aims to make connecting on the web more like connecting in the real world, and therefore we created a profile a few years back in order to further interact with our unique customer base.

Valor uses Google+ to share the latest product updates, exclusive photography and brand new video content to our network so make sure to follow today!


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Share your Stories!

Customers and Dealers alike love to share their stories with us. Whether it be a custom install of a fireplace, a sponsorship for a sporting event (check out those great jerseys below!) or a custom track wrap we want to hear about it


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Follow Valor on Google+ Today!

Looking to follow Valor on Google+ after hearing about all the great stuff we can offer? Simply click this link to access our profile and follow us today.

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