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New Horizon Options for Fall 2015

Since being introduced in 1998, the Valor Horizon Series has been a proven work horse and is now a cornerstone of the Valor fireplace family. The engine was developed from the Portrait Series, forming the backbone for the Horizon & H4 programs. Today, the Horizon has become “go to model” for new installations, as well as retrofitting old wood or gas units.

We are pleased to introduce 2 new fronts that follow continuity from other successful product families: the 672MBF Matte Black Front & 673EDN/Z Edgemont “Lift Off” Doors.

672MBF Matte Black Front

The Matte Black Front, carried over from the Legend G3 Series, offers a clean face, full view front giving customers a “louverless” option. With an integrated barrier screen and high quality powder coat epoxy paint, the 672MBF works with the same optional contour trims as the 601 and 602 fronts.

Edgemont Doors shown with both log and rock options, as well as the Bronze and Painted Nickel options

673EDN/Z Edgemont “Lift Off” Doors

The Edgemont “Lift Off” Doors are now part of the Horizon Series! The same design has been implemented into the H5, G4 & G3.5 Series and offers a cleaner, modern 4-sided frame. The Edgemont doors are available in Bronze and Brushed Nickel.

For more information on the Valor Horizon Series, please click here.

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