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    New Valor Videos!

    This past week we introduced 5 new videos to our website and YouTube channel that showcase our radiant gas fireplaces and their stunning fuel beds. Watch the videos by clicking below: L2 Series 2 new videos were introduced this week for the L2 Series. The first video showcases the all new Rock & Shale firebed, while the second features the clear glass firebed.     For more information on the L2 Series, please click here. Horizon Series We also introduced 2 new videos for the Horizon series that showcase the log set with the brick or ledgestone liners:     For more information on the Horizon Series, please click here.…

  • Home Design & Decor

    3 Simple DIY Projects For Your Bathroom

    When it comes to renovating and DIY projects, it can be easy to focus on the larger areas of your home or places that people use/see the most. One room that should be included, but tends to get left out is the bathroom. It’s obviously a necessity to everyday life, but does that mean that it should go without decor and a little attention? We don’t think so! That is why we have found 3 simple, yet modern DIY projects for your bathroom! Not only will any of these projects help give your bathroom a mini face lift, you’ll also be able to show of your handy work to all…

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    Valor Donates to the BC Burn Fund Centre

    Send us your Valor fireplace photo and we’ll donate $5 to the BC Burn Fund Centre! As a proud member of the North Shore community in Vancouver, British Columbia we are continuing an annual tradition of supporting Stanley Park Bright Nights & the BC Burn Fund Centre. Miles Industries is happy to announce that we will be donating to the BC Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund charity this holiday season with some help from our valued customers! On behalf of all British Columbians that currently own a Valor Gas Fireplace we want to donate in your honour. There’s only one thing we ask from you: Turn your Valor Gas Fireplace…

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    No Bake Peanut Butter Bars

      Sometimes when you’re looking for a sweet treat, you don’t want to go through the long wait process of preparing, baking and waiting for it to cool. The good news is, there are recipes out there that don’t require any baking time whatsoever. That’s right, you won’t need the oven or any heat for this delicious recipe that is perfect for your next event or a lazy Sunday afternoon. These no bake peanut butter bars can be served right away or frozen for a later event if you want to prepare ahead of time. Read ahead to find out how to make your own delicious no bake peanut butter…

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    New Medal of Valor Recipients

    Following the success of the last three hockey season’s Medal of Valor promotion at the Vancouver Giant’s home games we are happy to be continuing this event for the 2015/2016 season! We have just added our first group of recipients to the Medal of Valor page for the first quarter of the season. Winners of the award are all outstanding members of their community, helping out those in need and making a real difference where they can. Make sure to review some the great community leaders by clicking the image below: Looking for Previous Winners Previous years’ winners of the Medal of Valor, including their photos, can be found by…

  • DIY Wood Aging
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    DIY Wood Aging

    The rustic and vintage look has been on trend for the last few years and it never seems to go out of style. However, when you buy new or natural wood products in store, sometimes you might find that the finish lack character or personality you desire. The good news is, there is an easy, effective way to age your natural wood products and it won’t take much more than a few products and elbow grease! So gather up some of the below products, grab a friend or family member and give your wood that vintage look without the cost.   Method 1: Shoe Polish This method will be the easiest of…

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    Community Posts!

    We’d like to take some time to recognize some of the great fireplace installations that have been shared with us over the past few months from our customers & dealers. Through social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Houzz and more, users are easily able to post their custom Valor installs and showcase the love of the product! Looking to post your own Valor? Use the comments section below the gallery or post to any of our social media pages to share your fireplace. Click the thumbnails below to learn more:

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    How To Reduce Clutter Before The Holiday’s

      The holiday festivities and events are right around the corner as we get farther into the Winter season. Between family events, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years life gets pretty busy, which usually means our usual tasks of cleaning and organizing get pushed to the side. So, instead of leaving it for the new year, why not tackle the clutter in your home and get organized before all the fun starts. Keep reading below to find out how to reduce your clutter before the holiday’s begin:   Find Problem Areas  Maybe it’s your living room or a spare bedroom that has turned into a storage room. Whatever room needs the…

  • Valor Smart Features
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    Valor Smart Features

    Valor fireplaces are a lot more than a fire in a box, we aim to be a leader in gas fireplace efficiency, comfort control and fashionable design. On top of all of that we want to supply our customers with the smartest fireplace we can that will provide your friends & family with years of home comfort. Discover the benefits that a Valor can provide such as safety, control and home energy savings below. Valor Smart Features Smart Heat – Eliminate unwanted drafts and heat loss thanks to our direct vent, sealed combustion fireplaces Smart Safety – All Valor Gas Fireplaces have been factory equipped with protective screens since January,…

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    Follow Valor on Pinterest

      So What’s Pinterest? Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web, including our stunning gas fireplaces. Browse pinboards by the community, discover new ideas and gain inspiration from people around the world. Help build our Pinterest account with great photos and stories of your Valor Fireplace by following us today!   Share your Valor Fireplaces Pinterest allows you to share your beautiful Valor installations with the world! Pin your Valor photos on Pinterest and let us know your thoughts regarding the product. We always love to see what customers have done with their fireplaces so share away!   Create a Valor Board…