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3 Simple Winter Home Improvement Projects


When the cold weather arrives, many people resort to staying closer to home and indoors more often. This isn’t a bad thing as there really is no place like home, but before you settle in for the Winter, consider doing some simple home projects. Winter is a great time to check some items off of your to do list and you’ll be able to enjoy the results all season long. These suggested projects will only take a little time and effort, for big results within your home. Check out the 3 simple winter projects you can get started on today:


Painting: Painting may not be your favorite home task, but you might be surprised how much you love the results. Whether you decide to try a new festive color for the winter or if you decide your current walls need a touch up, this is the perfect time to tackle this project. Painting your walls this month will not only feel refreshing, it’s a great time because we generally host family and friends over the next few months and holidays and want our homes to look the best. This is also a great time to paint your front or back door if applicable as you’ll already have the painting supplies out and ready to work!

Closets: Isn’t it true that it can be easy to forget about items behind closed doors? That can be especially true when it comes to closets and storage areas of the home. This is a great time of year to go through each closet in your home and tackle a big clean out.  The best practice when organizing spaces like these, are to pull everything out and start with a blank slate. Organize what you have in 3 piles: Keep, Toss, Donate and stick to those piles. Once you are ready to refill your space put everything you need back in with a purpose, whether you choose to use labelled bins, containers or hanging space.

Bathrooms: Being one of the most used rooms in the house, it makes sense that this room would need the most attention.  This is a great time to really look at your bathroom and make a small list of fix it projects before winter arrives in full force. Whether it’s something as simple of giving the bathroom a deep clean and reorganize or something a little more technical such as replacing fixtures or adding decor, it’s a great time to give your bathroom a small face lift. Also, take time to check your plumbing and drains to make sure everything is working perfectly before the temperature drop low outside.

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