New Valor Videos!

This past week we introduced 5 new videos to our website and YouTube channel that showcase our radiant gas fireplaces and their stunning fuel beds. Watch the videos by clicking below:

L2 Series

2 new videos were introduced this week for the L2 Series. The first video showcases the all new Rock & Shale firebed, while the second features the clear glass firebed.



For more information on the L2 Series, please click here.

Horizon Series

We also introduced 2 new videos for the Horizon series that showcase the log set with the brick or ledgestone liners:



For more information on the Horizon Series, please click here.

Madrona Freestanding Series

In the past we had only showcased the firebeds of the Madrona, but now we have a full product video showcasing the whole product:


For more information on the Madrona Freestanding Series, please click here.

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