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3 Ways To Decorate With Mercury Glass

Mercury glass is a new and beautiful trend that is appearing in homes all over the world. The intricate details and unique creation make the glass eye-catching no matter where it sits in your home and allows light to flow through it creating a beautiful result. The next question is, what is the best way to style real or faux mercury glass? Well, because no single piece is created the same you can create a beautiful cluster of pieces that will still produce a cohesive look. Check out the inspiration below for how to decorate with mercury glass:

Pic Credit: Family Holiday


Candle Holders:

When it comes to candlelight and mercury glass, it’s hard not to love what you see. The candlelight really brings out every spec and detail and allows you create a beautiful light that will reflect to all of the surrounding items, such as the walls and furniture. It will also add a new layer of light to your home on top of natural and man made lighting that will give you an inviting feel, while still looking modern and chic. We suggest playing with different heights and widths of your holders and candles to create a visually appealing look.



Pic Credit: Houzz

Decor Pieces:

If you don’t love the idea of adding candles into the mix, mercury glass looks great as a stand alone decor piece. You can find mercury glass in many shapes and sizes such as globes, platters, cloches and much more! This allows you to get creative and combine different pieces to create one beautiful together look. Try organizing your items in layers or heights to create a modern collage of mercury glass. Mercury glass also fits in perfect on the mantel of your Valor Fireplace as it will help reflect the light and decor in the surrounding areas.


Pic Credit: Ruffled Blog


Last but certainly not least, a great way to incorporate mercury glass into your home is in the form of a vase. This textured glass creates the perfect centerpiece for your dining room table or living room and combined with your favorite flowers can make a serious impact on your entire room. We love the idea of mixing a few different sized vases with the flowers of your choice and a few mercury candle holders from above to create the perfect setting for your next party or quiet night in. Bring in other textures such as wood, pearl, glass etc to help your mercury glass really stand out from the rest.

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