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A Year of New Products – The Review

As 2016 begins we’d like to start the year off by reviewing all of the new products and advancements that Valor introduced for 2015! With a number of new products, we thought it only made sense to compile them all together to showcase to our valued customers and dealers, just in case you missed something. Discover Valor’s 2015 Year in Review below:

Madrona Freestanding Series – Square Front & Driftwood

The new “Square Window” Madrona Traditional packs a serious punch with a proven, robust firebox and heat exchanger that delivers the radiant and convective comfort Valor is known for. Customers now have the option of a “squared” window with a modern, clean cast iron design that highlights more of the available window and firebox.

Other additions to the Madrona family included a simpler ordering sequence & the new Driftwood firebed option.

Portrait Series – Ledgeview Insert

The Ledgeview gives a clean, contemporary retrofit option for existing fireplaces. With a trimmer and slimmer 4 sided surround we also made the black backing plate standard as this really makes the product “pop”. The Ledgeview (for insert applications) is available in Bronze, Black, and Brushed Nickel.

Portrait Series – Clearview Insert & Zero Clearance

The Clearview Portrait follows the style cue of the top selling Clearview from the G3 and Horizon family. With a clean Vintage Iron trim and standard clean lower panel, the Clearview Portrait gives your customer another proven design to choose. The traditional cast iron fret is optional. The Clearview is available in both insert and zero clearance versions.

Horizon Series – Edgemont “Lift Off” Doors & Matte Black Front

The popular Edgemont front (model 673EDN/Z) has made its way to the Horizon family. This “lift off” door design has been available on H5, G4 and G3.5 and is now carried over to the 534 Horizon. Providing a modern and clean design, the Horizon now has more options than ever to satisfy our customers.

The 672MBF (Matte Black Front) carries over from the G3 family. This clean face, full view front offers an entry level option and a new “louverless” design. This front features an integrated barrier screen and high quality powder coat epoxy paint.

H6 Series

The latest member to the Horizon family is the H6. With a 60% larger viewing area than the mid-sized H5 Series, the H6 is grand in presence. A powerful secondary heat exchanger promotes convective warmth backed by Valor radiant heat technology. Tapered sides and a shallow firebox depth allow for smooth installation including tight corners.

Rock & Shale Firebed for Linear fireplaces

Introduced in August, the & Shale sets for the L1, L1 2-Sided & L1 Outdoor Series & L2 Series are now available. The Rock and Shale gives an authentic natural look of rocks, shale and wood and rounds out our offerings of fuel bed choices for the L1 and L2 family of products.

L1 Outdoor Series

Last Summer, Valor introduced our first ever outdoor fireplace. Using a Valor Radiant fireplace outdoors provides the kind of heat you need to take away the chill and provide glowing warmth. And by using a vented product, homeowners will appreciate the fact that products of combustion are vented away from the seating area.

H5 Series – Edgemont Doors

The Edgemont single “lift off” door comes in both a stunning bronze powder coat and plated brushed nickel finish. Clean lines transition to any wall finish, housing a stylized mesh screen for maximum safety with minimal visual impact.

Combining traditional two door design with contemporary handles and finishes, the Edgemont Double Door complements a variety of room decors. Solid cast hinges mount thick gage metal doors in both vintage iron and bronze powder coated finishes.

Legend G4 Series – 785X Model & Fuel Beds

Riding on the success of the H5 ceramic burner, we were pleased to introduce the G4 785X model back in April. This addition of the 785X engine to the G4 lineup allows consumers the option of 2 glass fuel beds and our hot selling Pebble Beach Driftwood fire.

The 785X engine will have 3 choices of fuel beds which include the successful Driftwood & Murano styles similar to the L1 & H5 Series.

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