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Welcome to 2016, a brand new year that will no doubt bring excitement, new trends and design ideas. One thing we always look forward to in the home and design world, is the color trends of the year! Well, Benjamin Moore has announced the color of the year for 2016:  Simply White. Now, your first thought might be “Can white really be considered a color?” While it is always an ongoing debate whether white is a true color or not, in the home and design space it works perfectly. We love the idea of using a simple, yet striking color that can easily be used anywhere in the home and layered with almost any pattern or style that you like. Not only that, white brings a fresh and crisp look to any room, which can really make all the difference when you’re ready to start over for the new year and the following seasons.

Legend G3.5 with Rock Kit

One reason we absolutely love simply white is because it offers an incredible backdrop and base for any design. Whether you love pops of bright color or love to mix white on white, you can literally do anything with this simply yet stunning base color. Not only that, this striking white can stand alone if you prefer something more minimalistic and clean.

Secondly, simply white will help feature items really stand out in almost any room. For example, if you decide to make a Valor Fireplace until the center of your living space, why not surround it with beautifully clean white to help your fireplace really be the center of attention. This will draw the eyes of your guests and visitors directly to the dancing flames and warmth that encompasses your living room.

Legend G3 with 4-Sided Square Picture Frame Trim Kit in Black

Lastly, white can be used to create a modern and glossy finish within your home. Whether you choose to use simply white on your floors, walls, accents, or furniture it can make the room look more expansive and brighter even without incorporating color. It will also give you a great opportunity to incorporate glossy colors and metal textures such as bronze, silver or metallic accent pieces.

Whether you choose to use 2016’s color of the year as an accent or as the base and feature of your whole space, it will look beautiful and set the tone for a wonderful year ahead.

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